Grand Master Palace

The Palace of Grand Masters in Rhodes: The Palace of Grand Masters is located at the end of the Street of the Knights in the Old Town of Rhodes. Originally built on the foundations of the Temple of Sun God (Helios), whose cult was much spread in Rhodes in the antiquity, this palace was the residence of the governor and administrative centre in the Medieval times. Constructed in the 14th century by the Knights of Saint John, it distinguishes for the spherical towers and the arched gate.

Archaelogical Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, Dodecanese: The Archaeological Museum is located in the Old Town of Rhodes. It is housed in the Medieval building of the Hospital of the Knights, in the Palace of the Grand Master. The construction of this building began in 1440 by Grand Master de Lastic and it was completed in 1948 by Grand Master d'Aubusson. The building was renovated in the early 20th century by the Italians, as was the whole Medieval Town of Rhodes.

Acropolis of Rhodes

Acropolis of Rhodes: In the past the Acropolis of Rhodes overlooked the western part of the city. It was not Unlike most other ancient acropolis, this one wasn't fortified. The Acropolis of Rhodes was replete with Sanctuaries, huge temple premises and public buildings. The buildings were strategically built on precipitous terraces that were ably supported by impregnable walls. The Acropolis of Rhodes is one of the finest specimens of Hellenic style of architecture that blended.

Lindos Acropolis

The site of Ancient Lindos in Rhodes: The ancient town of Lindos, 45 km to the south of Rhodes Town, was founded by the Dorians in the 10th century B.C. In the 8th century, it already was a major trading centre, due to its geographical position between Greece and the Middle East. However, it started to decline when the city of Rhodes was founded, in the 5th century.

Filerimos Monastery

The Monastery of Filerimos in Rhodes: The Monastery of Panagia Filerimos is located on a hill above Ialyssos, about 10 km from Rhodes Town. The monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary the Life-Giving Source (Zoodochos Pighi) and its architecture is much different than the usual monasteries in Greece. It was constructed with stone in a Gothic style, on the site of an older Byzantine monastery.From Filerimos Monastery also starts the path to Golgothas. On top of this path, up on a hill with amazing view, there is a huge cross, while on the one side of the path, there are engravings that represent the Passion of the Christ.

Butterflies Valley

The Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes: The Valley of Butterflies is found in the western side of Rhodes island, approximately 27 km from Rhodes city and 5 km to the south east of Theologos village. It is a natural reserve, unique of its kind. As its name indicates, this area is a lush green valley that gets overwhelmed in spring and autumn with butterflies of the Panaxia genus, species Quadripunctaria Poda.

Seven Springs

Seven Springs in Rhodes: The Seven Springs which is popularly referred to as the Epta Piges is easily considered as one of the most romantic sites on the island of Rhodes. It is ideally located between Colymbia and Archipolis. The entire area has tranquility written all over and is replete with verdant woodlands. The stunning gorge has seven sparkling springs and a few rivers, which never run out of water, even during the sizzling hot summer season. All of them form a lake, which was built by the Italians primarily to irrigate the plains of Colymbia. Apart from its romantic surroundings, visitors also like to drink the refreshing water of the springs.

Monolithos Castle

The Castle of Monolithos in Rhodes: Monolithos is a small village 70 km to the south west of Rhodes town. On top of a huge, 300 feet rock standing above the village, a Venetian Castle was built in 1480 to protect the area from pirates and enemies. The Castle is today ruined but offers great views to the beach of Fourni and the two islets just opposite the coast. To reach this Castle, you have to climb a narrow path with many steps, among lush greenery.

Ancient Kamiros

Ancient Kameiros in Rhodes Dodecanese: The site of Ancient Kameiros is located on the northwest coast of the island, about 50 km from Rhodes. Kameiros was one of the most powerful towns in the ancient times and along with Lindos and Ialyssos, they formed the powerful city-state of Rhodes in the 5th century BC. Today, only a few remains stand from the town.

Kallithea Springs

The Springs of Kallithea in Rhodes, Greece: Since the ancient times, the springs of Kallithea in Rhodes were famous for its therapeutic powers. They could treat various diseases and conditions, such as arthritis, obesity, diabetes, tropical diseases, dysentery, malaria, allergies, asthma, cystitis and intestinal conditions. People from the surrounding islands, the coasts of Asia Minor and other Mediterranean countries would come to Rhodes to get healed with baths in these springs.


Prassonissi Rhodes: The long and large sandy beach of Prassonisi lies 85 south of Rhodes Town and 40 km south west of Lindos village. Prassonissi is known as a windsurfing paradise for many lovers of this sport. Particularly during the months of July and August, when the north winds called meltemi are blowing, the beach is crowded and every day you will enjoy skillful windsurfers.